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I started (again) my blog

I started (again) my blog

I started my blog again.

I'd highlight a few reasons why I did it:

  1. To learn how to write well.

Back in my childhood, I loved to put my thoughts on paper. As a child, I wrote stories, even poems, but over time, I lost my skills to express my thoughts well. I hope this blog will help me to put the words and phrases in the right order so that my thoughts could easily reach other people's heads.

  1. To improve my English.

I'm not a native speaker and my English level is far from ideal. I think writing articles about what I come across and things that I care about seems to be a good way to strengthen my writing skills in English.

  1. Make a cheat sheet.

I will be honest, what I write here will be primarily for me. I will share with myself the recipes and thoughts of how I thought before. This will at least help me always return to the approaches that worked for me in the past. Plus, I think it will be fun, looking at your old posts is like looking at your old photos - always funny.

  1. To help others.

By reading my blog posts other developers may find useful information that will help them do something or solve the same issues I dealt with.

  1. Every developer should have a blog.

I share this opinion although it was not originally mine (John Sonmez, simpleprogrammer.com. In addition to what I have already listed, maintaining a blog will show potential customers and companies what interests me, what and how I do.

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