I want to make this post as simple and brief as possible to keep it aggressively focused. Share with your team(s).

  1. Organize a meeting when it is absolutely impossible to achieve the same results by email or quick one-on-one discussion.
  2. Set the meeting time to 15 minutes by default. The shorter the time, the more concise the participants have to be and more focused on the purpose of the meeting.
  3. Send an agenda with specific questions and the purpose of the meeting in advance. And make sure each participant read it.
  4. Invite only the people you need for the discussion. Often, half of the people at the meeting are simply not required, and questions that may arise to them can be resolved offline.
  5. Choose a facilitator if the meeting organizer is not one. The meeting needs a person in charge whose main purpose is to solve the problem. He or she will lead the discussion and write notes on how it goes. After the meeting, he will be the one responsible for writing the formal minutes and sending them to the attendees.
  6. The facilitator shares the screen with all the notes so that everyone understands what is being said and confirms that everything is understood correctly.
  7. If the meeting hits a dead-end — the team needs some clarification, thinking, and so on — end the meeting. There's no point in wasting time on gibberish.
  8. In the end, it is necessary to agree on specific action points with deadlines and responsible persons. Send meeting minutes and action points where the agreements will be documented and copy to anyone interested.
Last updated Sun Jan 03 2021