"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."  — Jack Welch

Every king is strong with his followers. The stronger and more loyal the people around him, the more power the king has, the stronger his kingdom, and the more he is feared by kings of neighboring lands.

Most often the concept of leadership is associated with the operational activities of an enterprise. There is another area of leadership in which its action is vital. This is the management of human resources. People are the main resource of any company, so managing them is extremely important. This will allow the leader to target the talents and abilities of each team member in the right direction.

Unfortunately, the culture of cultivating people in many (almost all) organizations is immature, and many managers just let good people go. They don't fight for the future of their subordinates and think only about their own skin. If you have a good engineer then I think it's worth fighting for him or her.

Letting go is the easiest thing to do. After all, you don't have to spend any effort or time on it, you don't have to strain your brain. But don’t forget the rule — you come to work for a company, and you leave because of the manager. ALWAYS.

I sincerely believe that the quality of a leader is measured by the number of raised employees who work for the best interests of the company and the number of rockstars raised.

Quality of the leader

I was always very surprised when managers would literally choke out their people, whom I would love to bring to work. It turns out that some people are so afraid of the growth of their subordinates that they are willing to work with weak employees all their lives. As long as they don't get screwed and as long as they don't take anyone away from them.

So I decided that my people shouldn't feel like they were "ditched" and I spend all I can to help others grow. I'm doing it on purpose so that people would see that there is a way to grow and one can achieve more if one wants to. Even those who fail I praise and continue to help if the person still has the motivation and desire.

I've learned that you have to give people opportunities and inspiration, don't be afraid of being taken over. If you are strong, you grow people, you show great results in your work, then your best team members can really be seen as a replacement for you. And they can actually replace you in the future. And that's what being a manager is all about. That's what will allow you to grow further, too. Moreover — a grown replacement is the only condition for a leader to grow.

People will work with us as long as they understand: we can solve their professional, material, and social issues. By raising people, most of your subordinates will become your supporters.


Last updated Sat Feb 19 2022