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Best blogs/podcasts to follow for Python developers

Best blogs/podcasts to follow for Python developers

I want to share blogs and podcasts that I occasionally read and listen to.

Python subreddit

This is a good news feed for any news related to Python.


This is a great source of information for beginners and I really like the community around this resource. Low signal-to-noise ratio.

Ned Batchelder blog

This is the personal blog of Ned Batchelder, well known in the Python community.

Nikita Sobolev blog

Nikita Sobolev's blog is mainly about Python, engineering practices and career development. I am always interested in reading his posts and thoughts.

Real Python

Here you will learn mainly about the basics of the language and the concepts around Python. Sometimes it's interesting but the content is mostly for beginners, but sometimes authors tell you something in such details that it becomes interesting.

The Invent with Python Blog

Author's blog "Automate Boring Things with Python". It will be interesting for beginners.

Talk Python to me

Talk Python To Me is a podcast for developers who want to know news about the language and related technologies. Sometimes good, sometimes boring, but worth sharing.


It provides insight into the projects, platforms, and practices that engineers, business leaders, and computer scientists need to know about to learn and grow in their careers. Also worth mentioning the author children's podcast: Data Engineering Podcast.

Inside the Head of PyDanny (Daniel Greenfeld)

Blog of Daniel Roy Greenfeld about Python and Django.

Weekly Python Newsletter

This is the weekly Python Newsletter. It contains the best Python blog posts, open-source projects, interesting tweets. At least they say so :)

Python Coder

Python Beginner Blog. The author provides many tips and code fragments.


Then, this is a Guido's own blog :) - although not regularly updated, it can be interesting.

Luminousmen blog

This is the blog you're on right now. I write about Python, Data Science, Big Data, and software engineering.

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